marcos castellanos # 31,

ajijic, jalisco, mx. 45920

tuesday thru thursday: 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

friday & saturday 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

reservations: cell to cell: 333-502-6555

       land line to cell: 045-333-502-6555

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please note that we also offer an extensive list of daily
          appetizers & main course specials!!

  $85    mushroom, goat cheese & gorgonzola canapes

  $60    classic ceasar salad with a delicious anchovy garlic dressing

  $95     seafood cocktail (with horseradish, wasabi, celery, onion & mayonaisse)

  $85     greek salad - gourmet greens with cucumber, onion,

               tomato, calamata olives & feta cheese

  $85    caprese salad -  tomato with fresh mozzarella & fresh herbs

 $125     thai noodle salad - bean thread noodles, coconut,

             chicken, shrimp, almonds, cilantro, carrot & ginger

  $95    classic pickled herring with sour cream

  $95    baked brie with blackberry & raspberry coulis with baguette toasts

  $75    salad sorbonne - baby lettuces, roquefort, bacon, pear & candied sesame seeds

  $95    carpaccio of filet mignon with extra virgin olive oil

             fresh parmesan, balsamic vinegar & capers

  $95    smoked salmon with onion, capers & extra virgin olive oil

*$95    aji tuna or atlantic salmon sashimi with gari & wasabi (please read the note below)

  $95    steak tartare with dijon, garlic, capers & lemon

$100    medium sized board of imported & domestic cheeses

$150    larger version of the above cheese board

  $90    6 mussels with spicy thai red curry

 $125    shrimp with fettuccine tossed in tomato cream

             with fresh parmesan & scallions

  $90    fried vietnamese vegetarian spring rolls

  $90    sauteed northern pike fillet in fine herb butter

  $75    grilled asparagus with berry vinaigrette

  $95    grilled shrimp with napoli sauce - herbed onion, garlic & tomato

  $90   malaysian breast of chicken with peanut ginger sauce

                   *please note: due to freshness, sashimi is only available if

                    you phone before 4:00 p.m. the day of your reservation.

              also please be advised that we do not accept either debit or credit cards.