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a note from pedro:


contrary to malicious gossip...we are not closed...nor are we closing. yes, the building in which we currently reside is for sale...which with this market and covid..may take some time. when it sells, I am not 100% what we will do, but we may be able to rent back the space from the new owners...or search out a different venue... there are lots of options...


meanwhile, we have decided to re-invent ourselves and return to our ever popular culinary theme weeks.


tuesday, september 22nd until saturday, september 26th...and the culinary theme will be "east indian." soup of the day and all of the main courses will be east indian in theme...


in the upcoming weeks, you can expect to see lots of fun themes...

italian, french, meditterean, caribbean, thai, malaysian, greek and many more...

also, we are in the process of changing our menu of small plates in preparation for the upcoming season...so lots of new ideas in the mix. come in to our safe environment...enjoy the garden and sample new ideas as well as the delicious food we are known for...


we are not going anywhere in the near future...please do what you can to correct these unfounded rumours. thanks!!!

live music tuesdays, thursdays & saturdays!!!

yes, we are open for dining in the restaurant!!!

we have taken strong steps to ensure that we are offering a safe dining experience. it is prudent to go to our website (gobistro.net) if you intend to dine with us, so you understand what we are doing in this regard, and what each diner must do for the safety of all.

as well, we are operating on a "reservation only" policy, as numbers are restricted to allow for safe distancing between tables. to reserve... phone: 333-502-6555

we will continue to offer our menu "to go" for those of you who have decided not to "dine out" scroll down to see the entire menu.

we offer live music between 6:30 and 8:30 on tuesday, thursday and saturday nights..they have their own space safely distanced from everyone...but in a location that can be heard by everyone.

...we introduce our roof top orchid garden with dinner service. 2 tables only...nice and far apart..feels like you are in a greenhouse...reservation only (as there are only 2 tables)

please pre-order during the day, or after we are open, and let us know what time between 6:00 p.m. & 8:00 p.m. that you would like to pick it up!!!

phone: 333-502-6555

also, contributions for masks for the community can be made when you  pick up.

be safe..yes, we are tired of this...THE VIRUS IS NOT TIRED.

today's specials:

"dim sum" has returned on the menu....

4 pieces to an order steamed to perfection with soya & rice vinegar dipping sauce

vegetarian with ginger & soya - 70 pesos

garlic butter shrimp - 90 pesos

orange beef - 85 pesos

ginger pork - 85 pesos

lemon chicken - 85 pesos

shitake mushroom - 95 pesos

peppered shrimp (not in a dumpling) - 90 pesos


soups of the day: dine in - $50 pesos a cup - $90 pesos a bowl

                             take away - $50 pesos a half liter - $100 pesos for a full liter

hot soups: mulligatawny (curried cream of chicken)

cold soup: koan chilled tomato with cardommom, cumin & gingere

small plates

imported & domestic cheese board with fresh grapes - $125 pesos

pickled herring with sour cream (served on a bed of lettuce) - $115

breast of chicken with malaysian peanut ginger sauce - 90 pesos

oven baked french brie with berry coulis & bolillo toasts - 95 pesos

szechuan spring rolls with sweet chile sauce (2 per order) - 90 pesos

crispy fried tofu (try it...for a nice surprise) served with marinara sauce - $90 pesos

grilled fresh asparagus with berry vinaigrette - $85 pesos


our salads

classic ceasar salad - small - 75 pesos - large - 125 pesos

curried chicken & pineapple salad on gourmet greens (small - 90 pesos, large - 140 pesos

classic greek salad - small - 75 pesos large - 125 pesos

salad reggio - small - 75 pesos large - 125 pesos

             (gourmet lettuces, bacon, goat cheese, pecans, candied onion)

thai noodle salad - small - 90 pesos, large - 140 pesos

              (bean thread, chicken, shrimp, sweet pepper, rice vinegar, cilantro, onions)



our pastas

fettuccine with shrimp, scallions, chunky tomatoes, cream & parmesan - 145 pesos

fusilli with italian sausage, pommodori sauce & fresh parmesan - 135 pesos

spaghetti cacio y pepe (garlic, butter, ground fresh black pepper & parmesan) - 115 pesos

cheese tortellinis with 4 cheese alfredo sauce (for carbonara add 25 pesos) - 125 pesos



our main courses

Tuesday September 22nd until Saturday September 26th

it's East Indian Week at Go Bistro.


All main courses are served with Basmati Rice, Sauteed Garlic & Tumeric Vegetables

Papadams, Cold Cilantro Chutney and Cold Mango Chutney


Chicken Tikka (Butter Yellow Curry) served over chicken breast - $170 pesos

Cubes of Pork with Palak Curry (Spinach) - $170 pesos

Shrimp with Malvani Curry Paste - $185 pesos

Aji Tuna with Kerala Coconut Curry - $215 pesos

Medallions of Veal Korma - $195 pesos

Ribeye Steak Rubbed with Tandoori Spices - $220 pesos


our desserts

english style bread pudding with cointreau sauce (plums & raisins) - 70 pesos

lemon curd with fresh berries (nice and tangy) - 70 pesos

melon & lime sorbet - 65 pesos

home made coconut or cappuccino ice cream - 65 pesos

peanut butter & chocolate mousse with baileys cream liqueur - 75 pesos

chocolate & chipotle pate (an interesting touch of chile) - 85 pesos


everything is prepared with the utmost attention to health & hygiene

sorry, but we do not offer home delivery - pick up only

please phone ahead and order 333-502-6555 (messages on this site do not reach us)

and tell us what time you will drop by and we will have it ready.....

marcos castellanos # 31,

ajijic, jalisco, mx. 45920

tuesday thru thursday: 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

friday & saturday 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

reservations: cell to cell: 333-502-6555

       land line to cell: 045-333-502-6555

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