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marcos castellanos # 31, ajijic, jalisco, mexico, c.p. 45920             reservations: 333-502-6555

we have live music  tuesdays, thursdays & saturdays!!!)

a note from pedro:


contrary to malicious gossip...we are not closed...

the building that houses the restaurant (and is my home) has sold..and we have negociated a 5 year rent back contract with them to continue with the restaurant!! please correct this misinformation. we are not going anywhere for at least the next 5 years!!!!

also, we have decided to re-invent ourselves and return to our ever popular culinary theme weeks.

please click on the button marked "menu" to see what is our weekly offering!!!

also, we are in the process of changing our menu of small plates in preparation for the upcoming lots of new ideas in the mix. come in to our safe environment...enjoy the garden and sample new ideas as well as the delicious food we are known for...

please take the time to read the following...thank you for your attention!!!

there are a few protocols that have been established by jalisco's health department, for the protection of all.

they are as follows:

no groups larger than 6 people.

no cloth napkins.

infrared temperature taken of all guests.

mandatory use of gel when entering.

masks until you get to your table, as well as when you are passing other tables on your way to the washroom.

things we are adding to this list...

this virus is real!!

anyone who thinks this is some kind of hoax or does not take it seriously is kindly advised to search out another dining option.

menu for the day can be found on your cell phone at

we have paper copies for those who would prefer them, which are single use menus

you are welcome to keep them, or they will be discarded upon your departure.

all tables will be disinfected before you arrive, and between guests and are a safe distance apart.

knobs and bathroom surfaces will be cleaned between uses.

staff who carry food to your table will not touch finished plates taken from your table.

and also true in the reverse...staff who clear dirty plates and glassware from

your table will not be allowed to carry plates being sent from the kitchen to your table.

only I will be touching money and making change.

we will not be making change from money arriving from clients.

your change will be made from clean bills and coins, and I will be thoroughly cleaning my hands after touching money.

these measures and many more that you do not see will be taken to provide you with the safest dining possible.

we heartfully appreciate your ongoing support through what has clearly been a difficult time for all!!

we welcome you back with fondness and intend on serving you for many years to come!!!

we will be continuing "take-out" along with "dine-in." the two menus are the same.

to see the menu (changed daily) the "come and get it" button above

please do not use text messaging on this site, as we cannot check it frequently enough to take orders.

instead, please phone direct during our regular restaurant hours: 333-502-6555

all food is prepared according to the strictest of hygienic standards.

your health is important to is ours!!

your thoughtfulness in helping us survive this difficult time for restaurants is greatly appreciated....pedro

close to the plaza
dedicated to interesting & delicious food
served attentively
in a beautiful ambience
tuesday thru thursday - 6:00 p.m - 8:30 p.m.
friday & saturday - 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
reservations highly recommended

go bistro & boutique hotel is the newest incarnation

of chef pedro palmer. pedro began his career in ajijic

almost 20 years ago. cordon bleu trained and

influenced by the rich food traditions from all over

the world...the bistro brings you delicious offerings

which change regularly


live music

tuesdays, thursdays & saturdays

enjoy live music at the bistro

tuesdays we feature the classic trio of

"arpa de chapala!!"

thursdays we offer a duo of violinist and guitarist calld "tradicional"

and on saturdays, we have another

talented duo with keyboard, guitar &

the traditional mexican lap harpsicord after which the group is named after..."salterio."

join the club...

and be advised of events at the bistro

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